Group activities

We provide in our club for a space  where kids can spend their free time in a safe environment under the oversight of Ulita staff. Groups are divided according to age to meet the specific needs and interest of younger kids and older teenagers. We encourage children to determine the focus of work by themselves thus group work is adapted to children who at the time participate in it. Sometimes we provide for discussion and socio-psychological games, development of life skills, getting to know oneself or others. Other times we provide for creative workshops or cooperation on long-term projects (such as work with camera and video making, preparations for international conventions of youth). Children and teenagers can talk about things they are interested in or things they are concerned about. They can play board games, browse internet or play online games or just enjoy the moment and relax. We encourage teenagers from older groups to actively participate in life of their community – to engage in planning and implementation of activities in the neighbourhood aimed at smaller kids, their peers or towards other people from neighbourhood. Examples of those activities are:  Neighbourhood Grill-party, Neibourhoods Has Got a Talent show, or project of revitalization of neighbourhood. Group meetings take place once a week (group of 10-13 years old, and group of 13-16 years old) or bi-weekly (group of 16-20 years old).