In the club

Group Club Activities

Club premises house meetings and leisure time activities of children and young people between 10 – 20 years of age. Activities are designed to correspond with the age and interest of individual visitors. Younger children play board games, engage in creative activities, improve their computer skills. The older ones get more involved in various discussions, work on long-term projects or participate in the preparation of community activities. more...


Educational activities

Homework, School work, Tutorialschildren can spend their allocated time either by working on their homework or practising and revising the school topics, but also to adopt the methods and principles of effective learning.  Children and young people can be provided by books and didactic devices which enable them to master the necessary skills and knowledge in a playful and demonstrative way. They can also use computers to prepare or complete their school projects. Some participants visit the Club sporadically, but there are many of them who regularly come to learn twice a week and motivate their friends or come along with their siblings.

Preschool Preparation

This activity is pursued in summer months in the period of two weeks. It is suitable for children before the commencement of education, children with the postponed school attendance or for those who repeat the first year of school due to various reasons. The aim of preschool preparation is to enable children to cope with the school requirements with fewer difficulties, to support their self-activity and working motivation, to facilitate the experience of success which can stimulate their positive attitude towards the activities related to school attendance.
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