How you can help

You can support our work by money donation.

Our activities can also be supported non-financially; this is how different individuals helped us:

Pavol Schuschnix and the PC Fun company
Mr. Schuschnix undertook the administration of computers used in the community center. Majority of notebooks which we use for the educational purposes for children came to us through donation after the original owners no longer needed them. Thus, they do not always function properly. It is a great help for us that we can turn to someone when technical problems occur.

Stuart Ashford
Stuart joined us through the „Hlavy pomáhajú“ (Heads are helping) project of the Pontis Foundation. With the coordination team of Ulita, Stuart consults usual everyday problems of the organization management. He also helped us to solve a difficult situation related with changes in our work team.

Juraj Šťavina
Juraj decided to donate a great amount of meal vouchers to Ulita which we could use for the purchase of refreshment during the summer pre-school preparation camp for children as well as community activities in the neighborhood. In autumn, Juraj and his colleagues willingly helped us with a 2-day painting job of our counseling room in the club.

Zuzana Jankovichová
Zuzana is an architect who has been helping us since autumn 2010 with the preparation of the sports playground project in the Kopčany neighborhood. She guided us through a 2-year process of dealing with the necessary permissions and together with Mr. Peter Šlosiar, they monitor the construction process free of charge.

Mária Hraňová
Ms. Hraňová elaborated the technical details of the sports playground project for us free of charge and, this way, helped us obtain permission to realize the construction in the summer of 2012. Moreover, she was willing to consult the budget and technical issues which needed to be tackled during the construction. She also provided contacts for other experts.

Martin Plško
Maťo helps us with preparation of graphic materials for educational activities of community center (e. g. for children in summer pre-school camp). He also designs postcards and invitations, despite the fact that we always remember them in the last minute.

Andrea Zelinová
Aďa is a “courtly" graphic designer of Ulita. She creates beautiful designs of promotional materials (annual report, webpage design, 2% tax leaflets, badges, etc.). She often does all this free of charge.

Ján Blažovský
Janči is our great support when it comes to creation of statistics table; he consecrates us into the secrets of Excel with great enthusiasm.